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Kendall Healthcare

Kendall Healthcare Pvt Limited is more than one decade old multicrore,leading Pharmaceutical Company Of India. With ISO 9001:2008 Certification. We have Collaboration with 10 WHO-GMP recognised manufacturing associates.

Kendall Healthcare Pvt. Ltd. is an Innovative, Dynamic and Caring organisation. We strive to provide the best that modern medicine has to offer be it new dosage forms, revolutionary pharmaceutical molecules or biotechnologically engineered cures. Innovative attitude to life drives us to always look for a better and more effective cure. Our Dynamism allows us to cross our nation’s boundaries and forage into the global market to find these cures. Our Caring outlook makes us ensure that these cures are available to the people of India through an effective and extensive distribution network and careful pricing. Being a well-established 12-year-old company, we have our feet firmly planted on the ground. We know the importance of Quality, Purity and Effectiveness of medicine. Above all else, we know what it takes to achieve all three and we make sure that we do Every person at Kendall Healthcare Pvt. Ltd. understands the importance of quality, purity and effectiveness and in this understanding, knows at the very bottom of his or her heart that - Life matters…People matter .